Meet Me in Mexico! 

Bikram & Beyond Yoga Retreat

May 17 - 23, 2020

7 days/6 nights (almost) all-inclusive retreat at Casa Om in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Take a deeper dive into the 26&2 you know and love, then level UP with an introduction to skills, drills and techniques to advance your asana practice. We'll practice 2x daily with either  2 classes (one will always be Bikram method, plus an additional class designed to build strength and flexibility) or a class plus a workshop, (sometimes 3x, if you want!) with plenty of time left over for beach, shopping and tacos :-)

Casa Om = Your Zen Paradise

Settle in for a week of self care at the beautiful Casa Om.

 This cozy, yogi-family owned boutique resort is purpose-designed for yoga retreats. No detail has been overlooked, with beautiful furnishings curated locally from Mexico, and beyond from India. With just 9 rooms plus a dorm, you will be recharging with like-minded yogis - a perfect "yoga bubble". 

You do the yoga, We do the rest.

From the moment you arrive, no more adulting!

This retreat is your chance to just be a yogi, just be yourself, just be. Chef-prepared gourmet vegetarian meals, daily fresh-juices, and we'll even do your yoga laundry and provide mat and towel service.

Daily 26&2/Bikram Method Yoga

Sweat, glow and let go in the Casa Om hot room

Breathe new life into your traditional Bikram yoga practice with a posture by posture breakdown. Personalized cues, optional blocks and straps, and suggested modifications and variations that will refine your movements and make your postures stronger. When your retreat ends and you return to your home studio, you'll take with you new knowledge and techniques, and a renewed commitment to a safe and sustainable practice.

Time to Chill

Toes in the sand, wind in your hair!

Practice hard, then play! There is plenty of time built in to hit the beach ... grab a book, a drink, a taco - or all three! The beach is a 60 second hop across the street, and shopping, snacking and strolling to downtown is an easy 5 or 10 minute stroll - depending on how many times you stop to browse! Need more down time? Skip a class. Your retreat, your call.

Evening Slow Flow and Yin

Surrender to your mat.

Yin is a perfect way to end a busy day of mat work. We'll begin class with meditative breath work, ease into a slow, languid flow, then transition to the floor. Long-held postures supported by blocks and blankets gently open the body, working at the deep level of fascia. Minimal effort, maximum joy and stillness!

Posture Clinic

Next-level instruction and strategies.

Break down the 26&2 sequence, posture by posture. Learn the anatomy behind the asana, break down the more complex postures step by step and connect the standing and floor series by understanding the relationships between the two, and get feedback on your biggest challenge poses.

Jump for JOY!

We didn't forget the fun factor.

Of course, yoga is our priority, and we will load up on that. But we'd love to share the beauty of swimming in a gorgeous cenote, and the thrill of jumping into deep, cool water. And yes, there's a zip line if that's on your bucket list! Retreats are made for challenging boundaries and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Why not take the leap?



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